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  Every holiday has its specialty greeting  cards. But when it comes to Halloween, what choices do you have? Sadly, very little. That's because most Halloween cards are made for kids. They'll typically have pictures of witches, black cats, or pumpkins on them, and some bland drivel inside (Have a spooktacular Halloween!). 

  That's no way to celebrate such a wickedly fun occasion as Halloween! What you need are Tombstone Poetry greeting cards. No frills; no fancy graphics; just sophisticated Halloween humor. Tombstone Poetry greeting cards will set you apart from the crowd with their distinctive, off-beat humor, and mark you as someone who is serious about having fun with Halloween. 

  Each Tombstone Poetry card features a tombstone with an original humorous poem epitaph that matches some well-known person, fictional character, occupation, or personality trait.

  Here are two examples of our cards:



  Tombstone Poetry greeting cards are the perfect way to get a friend into the Halloween spirit or to invite someone to your Halloween party. They can also be used as place cards if you're having a Halloween dinner party.

  Tombstone Poetry cards are 5" x 7" in size, and come in sets of twelve, with envelopes. There are two different sets of cards, so you can always find the right card for that special person on your list. The cards have a tombstone and poem on the front, and are blank inside for your message.

   You can learn more about the cards in each set by clicking on the card icons below.


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